Suggested trips

All these trips can of course be combined and extended with other activities – why not go for a swim in our beautiful lakes when it’s warm, or bring a picnic basket to enjoy?!

The 1 hour trip

Paddle straight across Sävelången lake, and visit the beautiful glade on the far bank, where you will find a barbecue area and a sand beach plus plenty of room to play. Bring some coffee and snacks and enjoy the ambience!

The 2 hour trip

This trip takes you round Sävelången lake to the enchanted cliffs at “djupvik” (which means the deep bay in our language).Jump, dive and swim straight off the rocks. This is an Eldorado for climbers too!

The 3 hour trip

This trip will take you along Ingared’s pleasant sandy beach, under the railway, and into the magnificent little lake Lillången and the small village of Norsesund. You can stop and eat or have a coffee at the old station house here – it has been converted to a cosy and well known restaurant (the Swedish singer Lotta Engberg is a regular here!) that is run successfully by Hans and Carola.

The half-day trip

Just half an hour from our center by canoe is Lerums most visited tourist attraction – Nääs manor house. This is an area of astounding beauty, both as seen from the shore or on the water. Don’t miss the guided tour of the manor! There is plenty to see here – national heritage houses, the manor grounds and park themselves,  great open spaces to play, and great areas for barbecuing and swimming, so you can easily spend a whole day exploring and experiencing it all! At Nääs Inn, the venerable manor restaurant, you can refuel with snacks and meals.

The full day trip

Load your canoe onto a canoe cart and walk through the picturesque village of Tollered to the nearby lake Torskabotten. This small beautiful forest lake with its appealing wooded shores is a place where you will want to make frequent stops to enjoy the scenery. The water temperature in this lake is often a fair bit higher than in the other surrounding lakes, so it’s a good place for a swim too. Torskabotten is home to the rare black throated diver, a fantastic bird to watch on the water, but remember to keep your distance when they are nesting!

Two day trips

1)      Around Sävelången there are several great places for wild camping – a comfortable option if you are bringing a tent.

2)      Mjörn is a large lake to the west, Sävelångens big brother that offers endless opportunities to explore. There are plenty of uninhabited islands and unspoiled beaches for you to find your own little paradise on. Beautiful views, a rich bird-life and exciting fishing all await you there. It’s a good idea to check the weather before you cross this small inland sea! If the wind and weather are in your favour you can easily cross from Sjölyckan to Mjörn in an hour or so.

3)      Wilderness adventure in Torskabotten Lake. At the far western edge of this lake is a fantastic little lean-to. Built by Partille Scout club just by the water, complete with a dry toilet, firepit and beautiful sunsets!

4)      Via Torskabotten lake you can gain access to the larger lake Ömmern with its many islands and countless little beaches. Ömmern is a large forest lake perfect for exploring to find your own little island jewel. The nature area around Ömmern is classed as an area of special national interest, and landing on 6 of Ömmerns 30-odd islands is restricted during the period April 15th to July 15th to protect the bird-life. More info on Ömmern at

The weekend trip –“Tollered and back” (The 7 lakes).

Two days and two nights – Friday afternoon to Sunday for example, is the time it takes to do our most popular trip. (Several times a year we pick up groups from Germany and Switzerland, among other places, at Landvetter airport who have booked this trip!) 45 km of paddling plus a few walks – some short, some longer, will take you in a circle around seven lakes. You start in Sävelången (Tollered) and finish in Torskabotten lake (Tollered), or vice versa. You can let the wind and weather decide which way around to travel. This trip offers very varied paddling through lakes big sand small, and even includes some paddling in a built up area in Sävelången through Alingsås. You can easily extend the trip by a day or two and add on a couple of lakes.

3-4 day trips

1)      Around Tollered (see above) – choose 8-10 lakes

2)      Tollered – Sätila via Nolån river (Stenkullens mill) – Storån, approx. 75 km, medium difficulty

3)      Säveån (Ljurhalla-Tollered),  75 km, medium difficulty

4)      Säveån, Mjörn, Anten. Easy


Week long trips

Tollered-Kungsbacka Fiord via Nolån, Lygnern, Stensjön, Hjälm, Hanhals. Approximately 110 km, medium difficulty.